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My Story

Small Town, Big Dreams

My name is Brandie Peterson and I own Whispering Hands. I was born and raised in Placerville so to have my business in my hometown is pretty surreal. Growing up I always stayed quiet and to myself. However, I always felt drawn towards taking care of people and helping them. Discovering my gift of touch was proof of that. Attending massage training revealed to me so many different ways of helping people through healing touch. One of these ways was through reflexology. After graduation I spent years perfecting my skills of healing touch to find my rythm and flow while incorporating reflexology whenever I could. It felt good to help clients find their relaxation in a stressful world. I couldn't help wanting to do even more! That is where my passion for reflexology came in. It was finally time to receive official training with The International Institute of Reflexology which gave me the skills to later become a National Board Certified Reflexologist. I always knew, even back in massage school, that is how God wanted me to serve, at people's feet. Jesus washed the feet of his disciples. He is the way for us to know how to love and serve one another. Reflexology is my love and light to you. I thank God for every pair of feet that I work on and the deep inner healing that comes from it. My great dream is to earn my PhD to assist in taking the profession of Reflexology further in validation making it more accessible in healthcare therefore advancing the prevention of and care for illnesses and diseases. I owe everything to God and I am so thankful for everyone, my spouse, family, friends, clients and my reflexology family He placed in my life to support me on my journey.

My Inspiration

My passion for reflexology comes from my great passion for helping people and the people in my life who have inspired me to do so.

My Husband &

Business Partner

My husband, Jason Peterson, has been my life and business partner since 2010. He has been the "silent" partner always working hard behind the scenes of my business to create the amazing environments my clients know and love. He is my #1 voice out there telling everyone about his wife, the reflexologist. My husband has been my rock during the difficult times of the business, especially when going through the shut downs of covid. I would not be where I am without him by my side. Thank you, my love, for always telling me how it is, to work hard, and to keep going!


My Grandpa,
Ray Garcia

My grandpa always told me to get back up when I fell down which is why no matter how hard things may become, I never quit. He also kept telling me when I grow up, to go to school and become a lawyer or a doctor, so a doctor I shall be!


Sue Garcia

It was because of my grandma that I discovered the healing power of reflexology. She would never say no to me wanting to practice on her. Little did I know how much my reflexology "practice" would have a profound, positive effect on her Parkinson's. 


Whispering Hands is a family name that describes perfectly our way of healing. Our logo illustrates this with three individual symbols, the horse, hands, yin & yang. Growing up around horses I learned the language of the horse whisperer. The relationship, the trust, the gentle communication, and reading body language. The horse is my inspiration for how I communicate with my clients and deliver my hands on work. The hands are depicted coming together to embrace the yin & yang showing the balance of life as a reminder that healing is all about balance which is ours to have and hold. Whispering Hands is all about holding that space for deep relaxation so your body can heal itself. Inner peace comes from a relaxed body. 




February 6th, 2022

October 2nd, 2023

Reflexologist Training

International Institute of Reflexology

Reflexology Lymph Drainage Training

Sally Kay

October 30th, 2023

National Board Certified Reflexologist

American Reflexology Certification Board

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Professional Association Member


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