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Services & Pricing

Ingham Method Reflexology

Before the start of your session I will briefly explain reflexology, discuss session goals, and go over your health history with you to establish a plan and whether or not any cautions need to be taken. The Ingham Method consists of various relaxation techniques and systematically working through all the reflex areas using alternating thumb and finger pressure. Tenderness and sensitivity may be experienced and I encourage you to voice if you experience this so I can work out the tension at your comfort level. I am able to work with all ages, from babies to seniors, and pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy. Water will be provided to you after your session because most clients feel better when they increase water intake after their session.



You will be reclined comfortably on a table with your feet and head supported by memory foam bolsters and pillows. I start by looking over your feet for possible stress areas like calluses or bunions. Then I begin with relaxation techniques to loosen up tension. Using thumb and finger pressure I work the reflex areas adjusting the pressure as needed. I finish the session with a few more relaxation techniques to leave you feeling light and deeply relaxed.


45 Minutes $60



Your hands are worked using the same principle however slightly different due to shape and size. You will be reclined comfortably as relaxation techniques are alternated with working the reflex areas in both hands. This is great when your feet are not able to be touched or you experience more tension in your hands.

30 Minutes $40


Foot & Hand Combination

Which is best, hands or feet?

Receive a combination of both!

You will receive 30 minutes on hands and 30 minutes on the feet for a full hour of hands on reflexology.

60 Minutes $80

Mobile Reflexology Services

Now you can have the amazing benefits of reflexology in the comfort of your own home!

Mobile services are available on Saturdays. Service area includes all of El Dorado county. Extra charges may apply. Please call for details and to schedule your mobile service today!

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD) is a specialized technique that was developed and researched by Sally Kay in the United Kingdom whilst working at a cancer clinic. The need for RLD came from patients undergoing treatment after breast cancer and struggling with secondary lymphodema, primarily in the arm. Through extensive clinical practice and research, Sally Kay found the RLD protocol had made a significant difference in reduction of volume in the affected arm of patients.

RLD was modeled after Manual Lymph Drainage or Lymph Drainage Massage focusing on the reflex areas of the lymphatic system in a specific sequence to encourage proper lymph flow and drainage. The goal is to help the lymphatic system drain properly, especially in the case of excess lymph fluid gathered in an area of the body.

RLD can be used for both primary and secondary lymphodema. It has also been shown to be useful for clients who are dealing with inflammatory or auto-immune issues such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, eczema, chronic fatigue, sinus problems, and more.

RLD is done primarily on the feet while you are reclined comfortably. The same manual technique of thumb and finger walking is used but with a very light pressure. Light pressure is all that is needed to move the lymph as deep pressure only stagnates the lymph not allowing it to flow freely. The length of your session will depend on your specific needs so it is very important to do a consult before your first appointment. RLD can also be integrated into an Ingham Method foot reflexology session. 

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