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Ingham Method Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is done on your feet while you're reclined comfortably on a table or chair starting with several relaxation techniques to help you relax and get the feet accustomed to touch. The reflexologist then works the reflexes of the entire foot and around the ankle using only their fingers and thumbs noting any sensitive areas. It is completely normal for the reflexologist to find tender areas as long as it is not too painful. If so, less pressure is used or the tender spot is alternated with work on another area and relaxation techniques to keep you comfortable.

45-60 Minutes $60

Ingham Method Hand Reflexology

Reflexology session focuses on the reflex areas in the hands to help balance the body and also help with common issues with tired, overworked hands. Can also be a great addition to your foot reflexology session!

25-30 Minutes $40

Reflexology Lymph Drainage

A specialized reflexology technique developed specifically to help the lymphatic system by assisting the removal and drainage of lymph. This is done with a very light touch like you would experience during lymph drainage massage or manual lymph drainage except this focuses solely on the lymphatic reflexes in the feet. For clients currently diagnosed with lymphoedema, either primary or secondary, an hour long session is recommended to include before and after measurements. For clients with inflammatory conditions, a half hour session is sufficient.

30 Minutes $35

60 Minutes $60


Relaxation Massage

A unique style of that integrates compressions, slow intentional strokes, & light stretching. This is done in a gradual manner using medium pressure. The main focus of this type of massage is to help relieve tension in the body through deep relaxation.

60 Minutes $80


60 Minute Massage with Reflexology Lymph Drainage

90 Minutes $115

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