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Meet the Owner

My name is Brandie Peterson and I own Whispering Hands Wellness. I have lived in Placerville all my life and it has been a pleasure to call this city home. All the major events of my life have taken place here. I remember as a little kid my Grandpa would always say, "When you grow up, you should be a lawyer or a doctor." It took a while of "finding myself" after graduating from high school but I finally stumbled upon massage school. Maybe it wasn't medical school however it is pretty close to the health field! So I took a chance and was sure glad I did! Massage school was where I was introduced to Reflexology. The school only spent part of a week on the subject but it was enough to peek my interest. Just from practicing what little I knew I discovered how relaxing and beneficial reflexology was to clients. Over the next 12 years, after graduation, I incorporated reflexology into my massage work as often as I possibly could. Unfortunately I always felt like I fell short of giving reflexology to clients at my full potential. Something was missing. Again, my National Board Certification in massage came to the rescue. I was taking my continuing education credits for my certification and found an interesting class on reflexology. It was actually interviews with reflexology experts from around the world. Speaking for the USA was Mr. Dwight Byers, the president of The International Institute of Reflexology. Byer's words touched me so and I knew it was time to pursue my career as a reflexologist. I took the institute's certification course in San Diego with my awesome instructor, Bobbi Warren. Bobbi has been my guide and mentor through this new journey for which I am eternally grateful. So now I dedicate myself to the field of reflexology and aim to go to the ends of earth with it! I am very blessed to be where I am today. My husband, Jason Peterson, has been my rock and my loving support through this whole journey since I first went to massage school. So when I am not sharing reflexology with the community I am spending quality time with my husband, taking care of my animals, or baking something yummy! Of course, nothing would be what it is without God's love and grace!  


My Reflexology Story

My inspiration for this new career comes from my grandma, Rhoda Garcia. In massage school we had a brief study of reflexology but it was enough to real me in! I was truly fascinated by the intire concept and wanted to learn as much as I could. I took it home to practice on my grandma. She was always so supportive and more than happy to volunteer. My grandma had been struggling with Parkinson's for several years and I was curious to see if reflexology would help. I carefully worked her toes for 10-15 minutes and she was quite sensitive with little pressure! One of the major symptoms my grandma struggled with were the tremors and shakes. After our reflexology session she told me her tremors DISAPPEARED for the next two days! None of my grandma's medications did that! That is when I knew this is what I was meant to do. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away but I know she is still with me. My reflexology practice is dedicated to her.

My Beloved Grandma

Rhoda Garcia

December 26th, 1937 - June 26th, 2015 

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